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Posted by: GM Anonymous
Date: 2021-06-23 00:37:51
Hi all This summer you will have a hot battle on an incredible High Five x200 Arena PvP with a high starting the server will start on June 30 at 20:00.

Choosing our server for the game, you get a 100% guarantee of stable operation throughout the entire game time. The server is reliably protected from bots, and also has the most modern equipment to repel all types of DDos attacks.

You will find a cozy atmosphere, a strong and stable economy, no purchased clans, high online solo players and the world's best implementation of High Five chronicles in Java.

The latest update New set and Dress Armor weapons and all boss we did 85 level has given due attention to some class rebalancing and summoning pets. The economic component of the server has been updated to stabilize the market and increase the players' interest in long-term play. and updated shop S80/S84.

We took into account all the wishes of the players and the concept of this server will primarily be focused on massive every minute battles. However, we have not forgotten about the players who like to farm locations and the Olympics.

There will be friends for instant problems on the all server. We will always keep it under control.

The project works until the very last player.